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For sale in addition to our line of hard ciders we have fresh cider, along with honeys, jams, apple butter, numerous craft items, locally mined crystals and Oregon Thunder Eggs for sale from local merchants

(Store not yet open)

Draft: A crisp and refreshing Draft style Hard Cider. Fresh local  apple flavors predominate with a balanced tart finish 

Apple Maiden: Our award winning sweetest Hard Cider with bold, fresh apple notes. A slight acidic finish helps to keep this sweet cider smooth and drinkable

Le Fleur: Our hopped Hard Cider blends the best of the Northwest! Fresh local apples paired with hops from the Willamette and Yakima Valleys gives this Hard Cider an aromatic and floral finish that any IPA aficionado will love

Black Apple: Our blend of local Blackberries and Apples result in a bright, tart Hard Cider bursting with fresh fruit flavors

Bottling coming soon!