Hood Valley Hard Cider


Parkdale, OR, USA


November 14, 2014

"...Hood Valley Hard Cider owner and cider maker Brian Perkey makes cider by sticking to what he knows. His impressive resume of more than 23 years in the beer industry includes time spent at BridgePort Brewing, Full Sail Brewing Company, Gordon Biersch and Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.—a company that sells hundreds of different strains of yeast specifically for the alcohol industry. 'One of the perks of working [at WyEast Labs] was all these different yeast strains that you get to play around with,' Perkey says."

-- Nick Thomas, Cidercraft Magazine. See the whole article here.


October 29, 2014

"...Our visit to Hood Valley Hard Cider Company in Parkdale was a lesson in the different kinds of yeasts that are experimented with in making cider. Owner Brian Perkey brought out samples of cider fermented with Saison yeast, champagne yeast and one with a standard beer-making yeast."

-- Jim Drake, Hood River News. See the whole article here.


October 2014

Following our participation in Cider Camp, Sip Northwest honored us 

with a shout-out:

"Draft or pub-style ciders are beginning to have a presence on tap handles in the Northwest. Parkdale, Oregon’s Hood Valley Hard Cider is one of the first in its area to produce the style. And a growing area is that—Hood River Valley now hosts eight cideries and nearly 40 orchards. The Draft cider from Hood Valley uses fresh local apples pressed from Hood River Valley neighbor Ryan’s Juice to produce this quaffer. Crisp and unfiltered fruit provide aromas and flavors of juicy golden apples, Asian pear and honey for a refreshing and clean finish. Cider maker Brian Perkey showcases his brewing background in making a “sessionable” cider for the masses—or local masses, as most can only find Hood Valley’s ciders on tap in Hood River, Oregon."  

-- Erin James, Sip Northwest Magazine. See the whole article here.


July 2014

"...Cider maker Brian Perkey has a long history in brewing, and brings his experience to the endeavor of producing a high-quality off-dry draft cider--the equivalent of a good session ale.  Both he and his ciders are enormously effervescent, and chatting with him is as fun as drinking his product."

-- Jeff Alworth, Beervana. Click here to read the full article.